5 best tools to help you up your lunch game, according to our editors

Some say breakfast is the best meal of the day, while others focus on dinner. This week at Salon Food, however, lunch takes first prize. We dove into lunch trials, tutorials, and recipes.

I know it’s easy to dismiss lunch as an endless parade of sad office salads and not-so-tasty leftovers, but let’s think about it. Lunch really is the perfect time to pair savory creations — whether it’s a fancy fish sandwich or three-ingredient broccoli cheese soup — with sweet treats like cups of caramel pudding. or chocolate covered peanut butter balls filled with dates.

From dino nuggets to classic PB&J, the possibilities are fun and endless.

Lunch foods are also quick to prepare and look great, especially when packed in your favorite bags and boxes. Even better, lunch is arguably the only meal you can feed your inner child. From dinosaur nuggets to classic PB&Js and veggie crudités, the possibilities are fun and endless!

To help make lunch easier to prep and put together, Salon’s editorial team shares their favorite tools for whipping up an assortment of midday meals. From a collapsible salad spinner to a nonstick frying pan, here are 5 tools to up your lunch game:

1. Bento box from the Sistema To Go collection

My lunches at home are usually leftovers, random leftover vegetables and a piece of chocolate. A bento box brings order to the chaos and makes lunch not feel like a messy potluck, but rather intentional – and even fun. — Mary Elizabeth Williams, Senior Writer

2. Silicone fruit and vegetable shape savers

OK, I admit it: my fridge is a disorganized mess. Every day around lunchtime, like clockwork, I rummage through there for ingredients for a sandwich only to find mysterious fruits and vegetables wrapped in foil. Since I started using these silicone containers, I can’t find half-chopped tomatoes and nearly rotten avocados hidden in the crisper anymore. — Jillian Kestenbaum, Partnerships and Engagement Coordinator

3. Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner

In my quest to eat more greens without spending a lot of time washing them, I’ve come to treasure my collapsible salad spinner. It takes up as much space as a frisbee, but it does a great job of keeping the grit out of my lunchtime soups and salads. — MEOW

4. GreenPan 8″ Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan

This nonstick skillet is one of the most used tools in my kitchen, especially for lunch. I use it for everything from reheating leftovers to making scrambled eggs and quick grilled cheeses. Cleanup is easy (it really is non-stick!) and lunch is all the more stress-free. — J.K.

5. Tronco Reusable Stainless Steel Wire Straws

I like to feel like I’m eating out (even though I rarely go out for lunch). Hence my metal straws. A metal straw in a tall, chilled glass of iced tea or water brings a bit of restaurant civility to my office. — MEOW

Some of our favorite lunch recipes from the Salon Food archives:

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