‘You can get killed’: Trump feared death from ‘very dangerous’ fruit, deposition reveals

Former President Donald Trump testified that he feared being bombarded with ‘very dangerous’ fruits – specifically tomatoes, pineapples and bananas – at rallies, according to transcripts of an October 2021 deposition filed Tuesday in court.

As The Daily Beast first reported, Trump made the revelation while being questioned under oath in a civil lawsuit brought by protesters who alleged they “were assaulted by his guards. outside its New York offices in 2015”.

Examine whether Trump had “incited[d] people to engage in violence,” an attorney representing the protesters focused on remarks made by the Republican politician during a 2016 campaign speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“If you see someone about to throw a tomato, drop the shit on them, would you? Trump said during the speech.

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Asked about the statement, Trump said his election team received a very specific threat: “They were going to throw some fruit.”

“And you get hit with fruit, it’s — no, it’s a very violent thing,” Trump continued. “We were on alert for that.”

There is a well-established history of protesters throwing foods such as eggs, milkshakes and, yes, tomatoes at politicians. While officials are used to making statements that equate these items to dangerous weapons — such as when Portland police made unsubstantiated claims that left-wing protesters were throwing ‘quick-drying cement’ disguised as milkshakes – food-eating protesters generally seek to embarrass rather than harm their targets.

As Dr Ivan Golobov, a professor of politics at the University of Bath who specializes in radical youth subcultures and anti-politics, told The New Statesman, “Today’s politics is extremely performative”.

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“The street action itself is next to nothing if it doesn’t have an online following,” he said. “Milkshake on a character who pretends to be serious and well-established has become an incredibly powerful image destroying the platform of seriousness.”

However, Trump argued during the deposition that the tomatoes being thrown were “very dangerous things.”

“You can get killed with these things,” he said.

Trump indicated that he was not trying to incite violence, but rather wanted “people [to] be ready because we have been put on alert that they were going to bear fruit.”

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“And some fruits are much worse than – tomatoes are bad, by the way,” he said. “But it’s very dangerous. No, I wanted them to watch. They were on high alert. I remember that specific event because everyone was on high alert. They were going to hit – they were going to hit hard.”

For what it’s worth, no one at the event “brought any fruit,” although the cross-examination attorney asked if Trump thought an appropriate response to seeing someone with a tomato in their face. crowd would be someone “getting high”. Trump promised attendees that he would pay the legal fees of anyone who beat up protesters.

“To stop someone from throwing pineapples, tomatoes, bananas, stuff like that, yes,” Trump replied. “It’s something dangerous.”

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