18 Easter Cocktail Recipes to Serve at Brunch and Beyond

Easter cocktails are the culmination of two of our favorite activities: brunch and the spring season. There are classic mid-morning drinks like Bloody Marys and mimosas (including a very festive twist on the timeless orange juice drink), as well as spring drinks like a lemon gin cocktail and with lavender and two different sangria recipes (one based on white wine, and the other in red, so everyone gets what they want). Whether you’re hosting brunch or an Easter dinner, these cocktails will make every hour a hoppy a.

Our best Easter cocktail recipes

1. Our best classic mimosa

No brunch menu is complete without a flute filled to the brim with mimosa. OK, make it a pitcher.

2. mimosas with bean jelly

For a fun Easter twist on a mimosa, steep some vodka with jelly beans (you heard me right) for a few hours before tossing with a splash of lemon juice and champagne.

3. white sangria

If you’re hosting a large group for Easter, a big batch of sangria is the way to go. This recipe is best made a few hours ahead of time, eliminating an extra thing you have to do when carving ham, filling a bread basket with hot rolls, and hiding eggs for your little ones.

4. A very good Bloody Mary

There are two types of brunch drinkers: mimosa lovers and Bloody Mary die-hards. This Easter cocktail recipe is for anyone with a penchant for savory and spice: it includes tomato juice, fresh lemon juice, dill pickle juice, horseradish, hot and, yes, vodka.

5. Lemon Drop Martini

Celebrate Easter with this candy-inspired martini that delivers bright citrus flavors from orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice.

6. Rosemary Paloma

Depending on the time of year, Easter can still fall on one of those chilly transitional weekends between winter and spring. This punchy grapefruit cocktail still embraces some wintery flavors while welcoming spring with open arms.

7. Passion Fruit Bourbon Sour

“Passion fruit is absolutely iconic in the fruit world: tart and sweet, with one of the most intense tropical fruit flavors around. It’s no wonder it’s a classic addition to everyone’s cocktails. In this acid, passion fruit blends with vanilla and floral notes of bourbon, while the addition of egg white creates a dreamy, almost meringue-like velvety foam and texture,” writes the recipe developer Max Rappaport We know spring has just arrived, but this cocktail will have you craving some real summer sunshine.

8. Hibiscus Margarita by Shannon Mustipher

Spring means fresh flowers at every turn, and this margarita made with simple hibiscus syrup is the perfect Easter cocktail.

9. Grapefruit Mule

We love that recipe developer Esteban Castillo swapped out the usual lime juice for grapefruit juice, making this classic vodka cocktail a little more Easter-appropriate.

ten. The cocktail of spring flowering

Our editors say this elegant, easy-to-sip drink is as fresh and springy as a bouquet of freshly picked tulips. With hints of rosemary and lavender – and a touch of sweetness via honey syrup – this is a serious spring winner.

11. Blueberry Orange Spritz

A spritz is not strictly for sipping in the summer. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for Easter brunch, especially if it falls on a hot Sunday in April.

12. Shrub cocktail with mixed berries

Looking for a low alcohol cocktail for Easter? This lovely berry drink should do the trick.

13. Strawberry Mint Spring Sangria

Entertaining for Easter — or any holiday for that matter — is all about moving forward. That’s why we’re thrilled to share this make-ahead sangria, brimming with fragrant mint and juicy strawberries.

14. Lemon Lavender Gin Rickey

Lemon and lavender seem like the quintessential Easter pairing, don’t you think? And it doesn’t hurt whatsoever so easy to do. Simply pour the gin, lemon juice and honey over ice in a shaker and shake well. Strain the mixture into two rocks glasses filled with ice, top with seltzer water and garnish with slices of lavender and lemon.

15. Rosebud (cointreau, vodka, rose water, cucumber and mint cocktail)

Okay, I know tulips are the unofficial Easter flower, but give this rose cocktail a chance.

16. Le Mot Écrit (Gin and Chartreuse cocktail with Cointreau)

This boozy cocktail includes three types of alcohol: gin, Chartreuse and Cointreau. “Everyone will enjoy this beautiful cocktail that goes far beyond your typical two-ingredient drinks,” writes our editorial team.

17. Salty dog ​​cocktail

Don’t let the simplicity of this staple cocktail, which calls for 4 parts grapefruit juice to 1 part vodka (more or less), fool you – it’s so flavorful and so delicious.

18. Red wine sangria

Honestly, you should drink whatever you want with Easter ham. We gave you an option for white sangria and now it’s the turn of red wine.