18 Best Passover Desserts to Sweeten Your Seder

Passover desserts may get a bad rap, but here are 18 sweet recipes you’ll actually want to make and serve at the seder. Some of these recipes call for packaged ingredients, such as almond flour, cocoa, or canned fruits that aren’t always kosher products for Passover. So if you’re keeping kosher for Passover, be sure to check the certification on the package before you buy and cook. All of these recipes are free of chametz (“wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt that has come in contact with water and fermented,” according to Chabad.org) and kitniyot (corn, rice, sesame, or legumes) . ), so you can feel good about gifting them to family and friends celebrating the holidays.

The best Passover desserts

1. Chocolate meringue cookies

Meringue cookies always look like a treat, and these chocolaty extras are a dreamy Passover dessert. They are made with just five ingredients: egg whites, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, superfine sugar and cocoa powder.

2. honeycomb ice cream

The beauty of Passover is that it falls in the heart of spring, when it is just beginning to warm up outside. Caramelized honeycomb candies are folded into homemade vanilla ice cream for this rich, buttery dessert.

3. Tricolor chocolate mousse

When you really want to wow your guests at your Passover seder, introduce this multi-layered mousse, which was named “Dessert of the Year” by San Francisco landmark reviewed in 1987.

4. Meyer lemon macaroons

The sweet, aromatic nature of Meyer lemons tastes like how spring makes us feel light and happy.

5. Chocolate Covered Matzo

“Matzo is, in my opinion, best when used as a vehicle for consuming amounts of chocolate, and this recipe does just that,” writes recipe developer Sarah Jampel. “This Passover-friendly treat is too good to enjoy for just eight days: I recommend keeping a batch in your freezer year-round.”

6. Chocolate cloud cake from Richard Sax

We call it the ultimate flourless chocolate cake, made with only good quality chocolate, eggs, sugar and unsalted butter.

7. Passover Lemon Sponge Cake

This moist and spongy cake is made with potato starch. The sweet and lemony bite is the perfect end to your Passover meal.

8. Flourless Pecan Cake

Setting a nice Passover table and cooking a feast is enough work, so whip up an easy dessert. This cake can (and should!) be made ahead of time, saving you prep time before the seder.

9. Torta Caprese (flourless cake with chocolate and almonds)

This cake is a work of art. It requires very few ingredients (mainly almond flour, dark chocolate, unsalted butter, sugar and eggs), but the result is a not too sweet dark chocolate cake with subtle flavor notes. of almond.

ten. Passover ice cream (“Roca of Affliction”)

“Inspired by Ben & Jerry’s charoset flavored ice cream – available only in Israel – I decided to design my own ice cream for Passover. I use my mother’s recipe for Roca (chocolate covered caramel) and pour it over the matzo. This is mixed with chopped nuts and incorporated into ice cream, which is enjoyable long after Passover,” writes recipe creator Amy Ettinger.

11. Rocky Road Passover

We love these chunky chocolate clusters (I say that with love), which get their crunch from smashing matzo leaves and chewing on marshmallows. Just make sure the marshmallows you use are kosher for Passover.

12. Neapolitan macaron towers

Instead of serving individual macaron cookies that disappear in a bite or two, make these gorgeous stacks of meringues, which are layered with a duo of strawberry vanilla buttercream.

13. Dorie Greenspan’s Top Secret Chocolate Mousse (Chocolate Mousse)

This chocolate mousse is melted chocolate thickened with egg yolks, then lightened with whipped egg whites. We love an easy dessert that just happens to be kosher for Passover too.

14. Buko salad (Filipino fruit salad)

A traditional Filipino dessert makes its way onto the Passover seder table with bright flavors like canned coconut and pineapple, and a rich, creamy base of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk.

15. Black Forest Marshmallows

If you can find kosher gelatin (there are great options from brands like Lieber’s), then making homemade marshmallows is a totally doable Passover dessert.

16. Pears Poached In Red Wine

Poached pears always seem like such an elegant and delicious dessert, but how often do you actually make them? Now is your chance! Celebrate Passover with this sweet and aromatic finish.

17. Flourless chocolate-nut biscuits by François Payard

These extra chocolatey, nut-studded cookies are gluten-free and perfect for Passover.

18. Pavlova with berries and cream

The dreamy, airy pavlova highlights the richness of spring produce like rhubarb and strawberries.