‘I don’t like gay cookies’: Conservatives vow to boycott Oreo over new ad

A new two-minute short on coming out, produced in collaboration by Oreo and PFLAG, has, predictably, slipped under the Conservatives’ skin. Already, Greg Kelly and Ben Shapiro are among right-wing talking heads vowing to boycott “gay cookies” following the public display of Oreo on the LGBTQ ally.

“The Note”, directed by Alice Wu (“Saving Face” and “The Half of It”), features a young Chinese-American man practicing a coming-out speech in front of a few close members of his family. Before the young man shares his truth with his grandmother, his mother slips him a note. “It may be my mother”, he said, “but you are my son”.

The video ends with a message asking viewers to pay it forward. “Coming out doesn’t just happen once,” he says. “Be an ally for life.”

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“The Note” is, for sure, a tearjerker. Despite my initial admitted cynicism about “rainbow capitalism” and whether a multi-billion dollar corporation can assert itself as an ally, Oreo does all the right things here. According to Fast Company, the film – which was refreshing do not released as part of a Pride Month campaign – was accompanied by a $500,000 donation to PFLAG.

Plus, there’s history here. “The Note” follows the 2020 short “OREO Proud Parent,” also released in collaboration with PFLAG. In it, a woman brings her girlfriend home to meet her family.

Initially, the father is cautious towards the same-sex couple, but everything changes after seeing a neighbor look at them with contempt. The video ends with the father painting his white picket fence in rainbow colors.

It’s a bit on the nose? Sure, but the film’s message that “a loving world begins with a loving home” is poignant, especially in the midst of current events. In addition to Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, transgender students face increased discrimination and violence.

“‘The Note’ isn’t Oreo’s story,” Oreo brand manager Olympia Portale said in an interview with Fast Company. “Oreo being here to lend our bullhorn to the community we want to support, to exemplify the message we as a brand want to champion is a great place to start.”

Instead of engaging with the covenant message, several conservative pundits responded by vowing to boycott “gay cookies”.

“BISCUIT!” Newsmax Host Greg Kelly wrote on Twitter above a photo of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. “I love COOKIES. This is for COOKIE. COOKIE IS FOR ME. I don’t like GAY COOKIES. ‘Sexuality’ has NOTHING TO DO with the Cookie experience. Cookies are for EVERYONE! WOKE LEFT messing around with OREOS?!?! STOP THE MADNESS.”

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In a more concise tweet, Lila Rose, the founder of a movement dedicated to ending abortion, Recount Oreo to “stop sexualizing children”.

With the passage of the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, Republicans in Florida have reignited the deadly myth of “queer recruitment”. While Oreo has recently been feeling the heat, Disney has so far been a bigger recipient of conservative ire.

As Home and kitchen tool’s Amanda Marcotte recently wrote, “Fox News has aired a dizzying array of segments accusing the company of ‘sexualizing children’ and creating ‘grooming propaganda.’ This is unbalanced QAnon stuff, designed to lend credence to the conspiracy theories of the growing right-wing cult that believes Democrats are running a secret conspiracy of blood-drinking pedophiles.”

Kelly continued her tirade on the sexualization of the Oreo with a Tweeter comparing the taste of cream-filled chocolate cookies to “gravel of the driveway”.

“Not WET. Even Nabisco knows the truth: cookies are too DRY,” Kelly wrote in her review of the 100-plus-year-old sandwich cookies. “Milk Reliant, not a standalone cookie. Go for the FIG NEWTON. We don’t care about Mr. Fig’s orientation!”

“Commentators were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Ben Shapiro’s beard attempt by sharing footage of him shopping at Home Depot in 2021.”

Ben Shapiro, who infamously weighed in on a different spectrum from wet to dry after listening to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s song “WAP,” tweeted a link to “The Note.” The accompanying caption read, “Your cookie should affirm your sex lifestyle.”

Commenters were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Shapiro’s beard attempt by sharing footage of him shopping at Home Depot in 2021. Georgia’s controversial 2021 Election Integrity Act – which President Joe Biden has dubbed “Jim Crow in the 21st Century” – was then under a huge amount of heat from big companies like Coca-Cola and Delta.

As Forbes reported at the time, Home Depot, on the other hand, remained silent, prompting calls for a boycott. In a show of support, Shapiro filmed himself shopping at the home improvement retailer and walking out of a queue with a single piece of wood in a plastic bag.

“Your wood should affirm your conservative lifestyle,” a Twitter commenter wrote under Shapiro’s post.

As Zachary Petrizzo wrote for Home and kitchen tool in 2021, conservatives love to announce boycotts of high-profile brands — but they never go as planned.

“At the end of the boycott, an unknown number of Fox News viewers were left with expensive coffee machines that they had thrown from balconies or otherwise defaced.”

“Then there was the occasion in 2017 when Sean Hannity fans destroyed their Keurig coffee machines in support of the Fox News host after the company pulled its ads from Hannity’s program in its defense of the presidential candidate. Alabama Republican Senate, Roy Moore,” Petrizzo wrote. “Hannity tried to save the advertiser (and precious advertising dollars) by donating 500 Keurig machines, but it was too late. When the boycott ended, an unknown number of Fox News viewers were left with coffee machines expensive that they had thrown from the balconies or otherwise annihilated.”

In 2016, angry Breitbart readers flushed Kellogg’s cereal down the toilet because the Corn Flakes maker wanted nothing to do with Breitbart News, whose former executive chairman was Steve Bannon.

And in 2021, Trump called for a boycott of Coca-Cola over the company’s aforementioned objections to Georgia’s Fair Elections Act. As Home and kitchen tool recounts, a Coke bottle was spotted on Trump’s desk a few days later.

To that end, it will be interesting to see how long the Conservatives newfound allegiance to Fig Newtons and Hydrox biscuits tough.

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