The Best Budget Buys at Trader Joe’s, According to Reddit

Trader Joe’s is known for a lot of things: quirky snack deals, cute store decor and sometimes flirtatious employees, but a major selling point for the California-based retailer is its competitively low prices for the pantry, the refrigerator and basic household items. If you’re new to dating Mr. Joe, or want to know how to save the next time you take a trip, here are some of the best budget buys you can find at Trader Joe’s, according to the folks at Reddit – who are incredibly passionate about the grocery chain.

(Note: Price comparisons are based on the cost of riding in Brooklyn, New York.)

Butter and Eggs

One of the most essential ingredients in the kitchen is also great value at Trader Joe’s. A container of salted or unsalted butter costs $3.69, with a comparable product of the same size at a local grocery store for $6.29. Similarly, a dozen free-range Grade A eggs cost about $3.79, compared to the local price of $5.99.

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If you’re looking to build a collection or pick up a frequently used seasoning, Trader Joe’s is a safe bet. Various Reddit users raved about the fairly extensive selection of 2.25oz spices for $1.99 each. While they may not have the greatest variety or bulk options, most other similar sized offerings are priced at $3+.

Nuts and dried fruits

Of all the suggestions listed online, this category was the one that appeared most frequently. A quick price comparison on often expensive snacks quickly proves why. A one-pound bag of raw almonds is $5.99 at Trader Joe’s, while the same offering from Whole Foods is $7.29. This price differential also applies to snacks like their trail mix and the much-loved sweet and juicy mango.

Olive oil

While the selection may vary from store to store, many have commented on the unbeatable quality and value provided by Trader Joe brand olive oil. Their California extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and unfiltered, and is priced at $6.49 for 16.9 fl oz. A similar offer from Whole Foods is $8.49.


While we may not be living in the glory days of the two-dollar chuck anymore, Trader Joe’s has some pretty stellar options for wine, beer, and everything in between. Prices can vary depending on local taxes, but even then it’s hard to find a good bottle of wine for less than $5 just about anywhere else.

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