5 of the Best Home and kitchen tool Pie Recipes for Pi Day (or Any Day of the Week)

Pie turns any meal into something special, according to Petra (Petee) Paredez, pie expert, bakery owner and pastry chef.

“I think one of the ways pies transform a meal is that it’s a dessert that everyone shares, and we kind of want to share the dessert,” Paredez said on Home and kitchen tool Talks in 2020. “When you’re at a restaurant, dessert is the thing you’re most likely to share.”

“And it’s that kind of joyful indulgence,” she continued. “It feels good to share an experience with someone.”

In honor of Pi Day – a holiday first celebrated by mathematicians in 1988 in San Francisco as a nod to 3.14, the first three digits of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – here are 5 of our favorite pie recipes from the Home and kitchen tool Food archives, ranging from new twists on classic flavors to bite-sized treats suitable for a crowd.

1. Apple pie with maple butter

Paredez told Joseph Neese of Home and kitchen tool that when it comes to fruit pies, “you just want to amplify the flavors that are already there.” Her apple and maple butter pie is a perfect example of this guiding principle. Maple syrup enhances the inherent sweetness of peeled and sliced ​​apples, while browned butter adds an extra dimension of caramelization that heightens the warm baking spices traditionally found in apple pie like nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom.

Oh, and don’t skip the cornmeal and nut crumbs, which add an addictive textural bite to the pie.

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2. Salty Honey Chess Pie

When Home and kitchen tool’s Mary Elizabeth Williams dove into the cookbook “Black, White, and the Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant,” she kept stopping at the dish that “contained the greatest number of words that made [her] drool.”

This dish was a salted honey chess pie. It’s a 10-ingredient wonder that comes together in no time. It’s also crust optional, which is perfect for pie lovers who’d rather not worry about delicate crust and blind baking.

3. Mini Crumbly Banana Cream Pies

Looking for something in the bite category? Try Williams’ Crumbly Mini Banana Cream Pies, which are based on a cookie from cult bakery Crumbl.

“I was intrigued by the banana cream pie cookie,” she wrote. “The idea of ​​’a creamy, smooth banana pudding stuffed into a buttery pie crust and topped with a vanilla wafer’ really appealed to me.” Her version cuts a few corners – including using a pre-made crust and pudding – to get dessert on the table in no time.

4. Old Fashioned Coconut Pie

Bibi Hutchings’ mother had a knack for creating beautiful desserts to give away on holidays or on special occasions. It took Hutchings a bit of time to cultivate that same skill, but once she did, her mother’s coconut pie became a key part of that gift rotation.

“This easy-to-make pie bakes to a gorgeous golden color; and it’s never runny, always divine when it comes out of the oven,” she wrote. “In fact, it’s so pretty, you’ll be proud to give it to even the pickiest person on your list.” »

5. Southern Pecan Pie

“The perfect pecan pie (it’s pronounced ‘pah-KAHN,’ by the way) is a long-standing tradition in my family,” writes Hutchings.

This pecan pie is made with just 7 super traditional ingredients, including light Karo and melted butter. Best served hot with bourbon coffee.

Even more pie slices to enjoy:

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