What Size Subway Tile For Kitchen Backsplash

What Size Subway Tile For Kitchen Backsplash, The typical size for subway tile is 3″ x 6″, but with the vast selection of natural and man-made tiles, comes a huge variation in size availibility.  From mini tiles, around 1″ x 2″, to larger proportioned tiles around 4″ x 12″ +, size matters.06-Jan-2016,

Is white subway tile out of style?

SHOULD GROUT BE DARKER OR LIGHTER THAN THE TILE? This is somewhat a matter of taste, but if you have a variegated tile with several shades, you have several options to choose from for grout color. Choosing lighter colors blends your design together. Darker colors create a more dramatic effect.

How thick is subway tile backsplash?

We know classic white ceramic subway tile will never go out of style, but that doesn't mean we can't look for ways to jazz it up! One of the current trends to give this timeless tile a fresh new look is adding contrasting grout!

What is the spacing for subway tile?

Whether your ceramic tiles are made from glass, porcelain or clay, most backsplash wall tiles are between 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick.

Can I use large tiles for kitchen backsplash?

Most subway tile has grooves on the sides so you don't need to use spacers at all because it's an automatic 1/16″ grout line.

How do I choose a subway tile backsplash?

For easier installation and a solid design, use larger tiles to create your kitchen backsplash. For this project, you can even used recycled floor tiles.07-Aug-2014

What size is a standard subway tile?

Traditionally, subway tile is 3 x 6 inches. However, sizes for subway tile have expanded to include many other sizes. The general rule is any wall tile with a 1 to 2 size can be styled as a subway tile: 2 x 4, 4 x 8, 6 x 12.

What size should kitchen backsplash tiles be?

If you want your kitchen to remain timeless in design, we suggest sticking with a classic field tile size such as a 3 x 6 subway tile or a 4 x 4 in a straight-set pattern. Or add some design detail with a herringbone pattern. Field tile will transcend trends, making your tile backsplash a sustainable design feature.

What size subway tile is best for backsplash?

The 3 inch by 6 inch tiles are the standard – as these were used in the 50s subway stations and brought on the style. Certain styles will have different sizes (such as square or mini subway tiles) but these are the most common.
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