Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boat Recipe

The main ingredient in these spaghetti squash boats is, of course, the squash itself. For the sauce, you’ll enhance a basic marinara with extra garlic, basil, onion and sausage, although MacLean notes that “this dish can definitely be made without the sausage to make it vegetarian”, otherwise you can use a plant-based meat substitute. Another one of his suggestions is that “using an arrabiata sauce instead of the marinara would be a fun and spicy kick”, and you can also add additional vegetables including peppers, mushrooms or zucchini .

As for the lasagna-like filling, you’ll need ricotta, parmesan, and spinach. You will also need some mozzarella to top it all off, and if you want to make it more fancy, you can sprinkle the finished dish with chopped parsley.