Maine’s 2021 lobster harvest broke that record out of the water

It’s hard to imagine what 100 million pounds of lobster looks like, but Maine’s 2021 lobster harvest numbers are exactly what the industry likes to see. In a year marked by significant supply and demand imbalances, one wonders what drove the surge in demand for Maine lobster, and will the peak be sustainable?

The State of Maine shared that Maine lobster fishermen have enjoyed increased landings and revenue over the past twelve years, with 2021 being the most valuable yet. Fox News notes that the popularity of shellfish in China is generating good demand, and exporters continue to ship large quantities of Maine lobster overseas. The increase is also attributed to product quality and name recognition of Maine lobster.

Maine Lobster Now explains that the industry is committed to maintaining its precious natural resource by protecting female lobsters with eggs, regulating the size of lobsters harvested and limiting the number of lobster licenses. Other issues, such as climate change, continue to threaten the lobster population. Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher said, “Last year was a year for the books, and it’s worth celebrating. But there are many challenges ahead, and it is important that fishers remain engaged in the management discussions that will strive to make this stock resilient. for future generations.”